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About Avon Rep Cindy Online

About Avon Representative Cindy's Page

I Love Avon as a company, a source for income, and I really love the products! With that said, I am happy to let you know I have been an Avon Representative since 2005.

I started my Avon Business jumping right into building a sales team, Avon Calls it Leadership. As a team leader You recruit, train, and lead others starting their own Avon Business.

I live in the Hudson Valley, Orange County New York, but I serve Avon Customers in all parts of the USA. I have Avon Representatives on my Sales Team from all parts of the USA as well, currently over 200 reps from almost every state.

To Shop my Avon e-store, or to sign up to become an Avon Representative please visit my official Avon e-store, click Become A Representative to go to the secure sign up form.

Thanks for your interest!